Not So Much….

We tried Sweets and Savories for the first time a few months ago with coupons (Groupons, to be specific) for $5 burgers. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the “close seating” and knew we were in for a rough night: poor couples hoping for a private dining experience were seated in tables about 2 inches from one another. Everyone looked like they were being punished and people were practically whispering so as not to bother their neighbor. No fun!

Once we found a spot away from the crazy close seats, we waited for our waiter to open our wine (apparently the restaurant recently lost their liquor license…not a good sign). We waited-and waited. At one point I was ready to get up and leave. Menus were brought, and yet no corkscrew. Finally, our flustered, overly-dramatic waiter returned and opened the bottle without apologies. Once we told him we wanted the $5 burgers, he snatched our menus away from us before we had a chance to order salads as well.

The burgers arrived-and were just ok. The flavors were there (paired with bizarre frites cooked in beef fat), but the burgers were charred on the outside and rare in the middle. The foie gras was mediocre and kind of reminded me of the prescription canned food I feed my cat. 


Kobe Beef Burger, Sweets and Savories Chicago. 

After telling the waiter that we were ready for our check, he went into a 2 minute schpiel about all of the weekly specials available at the restaurant. No thanks.The poorly decorated (no ambiance), small room made me feel like I was in the house of someone who randomly decided to open a restaurant for the night. Skip it.


One response to “Not So Much….

  1. I went there for their prix fixe lunch and it was pretty good–maybe better to go then when the atmo is a bit more bustling and friendly. Sorry you had a bad experience!

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